The First Sunday in November, year 2023. Six fahrenheit degrees in early morning. Alarm ringed at 5:00 am, and I was ready for action. I grabbed my best sneakers, I put them on and leave. Juice shop next to my hotel in Lower Manhattan was my opportunity to get a morning energy shot. I travel light, so in my backpack there was only what was necessary. It was going to be a long journey.

I walked on the east side towards Midtown. While walking sunshine touched skyscrapers. I couldn´t help but stop at every corner to photograph beautiful light finding its own way through the city. New York citizens began their daily tasks. Dynamism in my photos are their merit. What catched my eye the most, was how small we were all among these monumental buildings. Beautiful and varied architecture surrounded me. Just like books, buildings told me stories about the past, present and future. City colors matched perfectly with New Yorkers way of dressing.

Lights and Shadows turned the city into a living painting. There is art everywhere. There is a common quote that says: New York makes me feel like I am in a movie. Closed streets to the public are also common. In fact, while getting closer to Midtown I came across some, they were at the moment film sets. Trying to film my own Instagram reels, I needed to put my camera on a tripod when policeman told me: Excuse me Sr. is not allowed to use tripod in this area, it is considered as weapon. Until that moment I did not see anyone feel threatened because of my tripod. Although the closer I got to the crowded areas, I could tell by people's faces how annoying it was for them when a photographer crossed their path, they looked at you angrily, especially people who move by bicycle. It was then, that I understood how my tripod could be given a second function, so I got the point. Respecting rules, and trying not to disturb people will always be the best to do. Anyway I figured out, and I got some good short films and nice pictures.

After almost 5 hours walking, I got tickling feet and my belly was demanding breakfast. I stopped at Jack´s wife Freda in Soho for some pancakes, they were delicious. Afterwords I ordered a coffee, and kept resting my feet until the cup was empty. Meanwhile I started reviewing the photos on my camera. First memory card was filled with 2000 pictures already. I was ready to go so I paid my bill and got a free post card, the word Believe printed on the front side encourage me to continue my path. That path lasted at least two more memory cards.

Back at home I had to choose only a few photos to post. It was not an easy task. I hope you liked the journey and the pictures as much as I do.


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